Moving between phone types while on at&t unlimited internet plan.

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by medelman, Oct 3, 2011.

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    I have a question regarding at&t and being grandfathered into the unlimited internet option. If I decided to get a new phone that was not an iPhone, will I still be eligible to keep the unlimited internet option? If a phone supports LTE, am I required to get an LTE plan or can I continue to use the 3g plan I currently have? I'm not really interested in LTE, but am interested in looking at some of the other upcoming phones in case the new iPhone doesn't interest me.
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    I feel these questions are best directed towards AT&T themselves. Any information here may be correct or incorrect; best to just go to the source and he who controls your billing. ;)
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    I agree with Jessica, we can state an opinion one way or another till we're blue in the face, but you'll really not know either way until you deal with at&t.

    Ask them and they'll tell you, my opinion on this is that you'll probably lose it but that's just my un-educated guess.
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    As AT&T doesn't offer any LTE phones, it is unknown if the plans will stay the same. Currently though, AT&T doesn't differentiate between 3G and 4G with their devices. They all use the same plans. A 3G iPhone 4 and a "4G" Galaxy SII can use the same plans. There are some internal differences, but your $30 "Unlimited" plan will work on all current smartphones.

    New customers have to choose from either the $15/200MB or $25/2GB plans, but if you currently have an "Unlimited" plan, you are always given the option of keeping that when upgrading. AT&T would obviously like you to move to one of the tiered plans, but you are not required to. Just make sure when upgrading that they keep your plan, as sometimes the system will not initially offer that.

    *Full Disclosure* - I work in Finance for AT&T, so while I have pretty good knowledge of this stuff, always check with a rep for clarification.

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