Moving Calendar and Contacts from Droid to Iphone

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    Oct 11, 2011
    New to the iphone (from Droid) and have a few questions about syncing.

    Some history...

    Pre Droid: Palm (calendar and contact info) and Hotmail (email)

    Droid: Had to set up a gmail account. Got rid of my Palm! Set up a Google calendar. Imported my contacts from Hotmail (email addresses), my old phone (phone numbers) and Palm (contact info) into Google Contacts and merged into one nice list. Forwarded calendar alerts from gmail to hotmail so I did not have to check more than one site. Droid did not play nice with Hotmail until Exchange, and even then it was not reliable. But that's another story.

    Got an iphone 4: LOVE IT. It loves Hotmail. Not so great with gmail. I occasionally get error messages that my password is not correct. No problem since I forward my mail anyway. (Should I just deselect Mail under Gmail sync options in settings because that mail is forwarded anyway?)

    My concern is about my Google calendar and contacts. I have never thought to sync them in itunes since they are backed up online through Google services. If I select the box to sync my contacts in itunes, will it get confused or will it just be backing up the back up? There is a messsge in itunes that says contacts are being backed up through Exchange and that I can back up with itunes but I might duplicate contacts. Itunes does not appear to sync with Google Calendar - just Outlook.

    So my question. What happens with icloud when I install ios5? Will my calendars and contacts back up there by default also? Or is it just as safe to continue to back up my contacts and calendar through Google services? And what is a account? I have mobile me set up for find my phone. Is this the same account? Is there actually an iphone calendar much like the google calendar that is easier to use? I use a PC if that makes a difference.

    Appreciate your input. I want to keep it as simple as possible.
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    Oct 16, 2011

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