Moving everything to a new HDD

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    I appreciate this may have been discussed on many occasions, but I'm sorry I'm struggling to understand the processes involved.

    I have a 2008 MacBook, with a 250gb HDD. I'm running Lion and everything is backed up on my Time Machine.

    I'm running out of space on the old drive, and now have a new 500gb drive.

    I've installed the drive and loaded Lion,

    This is where I struggle. How do I get all the files, (photos, documents, iTunes, mail etc) from my old HDD (and I assume Time Machine) onto the new HDD

    Do I use Migration Assistant, or I've seen an Apple paper re transferring everything through backup.backupdp?

    I've tried both methods but both seem to fail in the transfer.

    PLEASE if anyone has the time, can they explain in VERY SIMPLE terms how I do it.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Just start Migration Assistant and point it to your Time Machine backup, then import everything from the old drive.

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