moving files (pictures, music, documents)


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Feb 12, 2005
i just can't get the hang of moving files in mac os x. in windows, i am so used to using the ctrl-x command to cut the files, then i browse to the folder i want the files to be at, and then i press ctrl-v to paste them into that folder. on mac os x, i cannot cut and paste files. i have to drag them. it seems to take so much more time.

my question is: how does everyone else move their files? i would like some recommendations.




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Jan 6, 2004
i just drag and drop, its easy with the spring loaded folders where you just hover over them for a second and they pop open for you, i guess its just makes more sense for me always that way but thats just me, now only if the folders in the dock were spring loaded that would save me some trouble too!


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Jan 19, 2004
Cutting and pasting files is a bad idea. Too many people will cut a series of files and then they'll get an IM alert or something and forget they did it, thus losing the files next time they cut.

Do you use Spring Loaded folders? If not, you should.


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Nov 4, 2004
San Diego
Expose and spring loaded folders are really handy for moving files around. You need to go to expose in the system preferences, set up hot corners or keys. I find all windows and desktop are most useful.

If you have a window open for where the files are and where the files are going all you have to do is grap the files, hit the show all windows hot key or mouse to the hot corner, then hold the files over the window you want them in and it will spring open, then drop your files. If you happen to drop your files in the wrong place, go to edit and select undo, your files will be where they started.


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Oct 24, 2003
Tucson AZ
The finder sidebar is a good place for shortcuts to your various volumes, folders, apps etc... (you simply drag those items to the sidebar from the Finder window to create the shortcuts)
Simply open a Finder window and navigate to the files you wish to move, then drag them to the destination in the sidebar.
You can "drill down" through a folder structure by holding the items over the target folders until they spring open.
BTW, if you wish to actually move a document, as opposed to copying it, to another physical drive, hold down the command key while dragging it.

There's probably not much sense trying to compare OSX to WinXP; the two systems function differently in many respects, for better or worse.
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