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Mar 22, 2011
Tokyo, Japan
Hi guys.
So I did some research but I still didnt get any answers.
My searching might of been bad.

But this is the problem.
When I transfer files Mac to Windows (bootcamp) I first, transfer my files that I downloaded to my external HDD.
Then restart to windows, then copy files into my Win7 through my External HDD.

This is really annoying for me since big files take like 5~10min on copying to external and copying to Windows.

So there is a bootcamp HDD icon under my Macintosh icon.
Is there a folder or a way where I can move my files just by dragging my files to my Bootcamp HDD?


Young Spade

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Mar 31, 2011
Tallahassee, Florida
You can just go into boot camp, go into the Explore (right click on start menu) and then go into the original HD partition.

From there, simply copy (won't let you delete I don't think) and paste into your designated folder.

You can also just stream things like movies or videos from the partition as well.

Also, it helps to just throw a shortcut to your user folder somewhere for easy access


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Jun 4, 2008
You can also use NTFS 3G to give OSX the ability to write to NTFS partitions if you want to manipulate it directly from within OSX.
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