Moving from google to icloud?

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    Currently, my calendars, email, and contacts are all on google (Gmail).

    I was wondering if there is an easy way to move my calendars from google, to icloud, so I can start using icloud calendar instead of google. As far as my contacts, I am not sure how difficult it would be to move them, and my emails, over to say an icloud email account. My gmail is and has been my primary email account.
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    Follow this to export your calendar to and ICS file that can be imported to OS X Calendar.

    Then search for how to export Google contacts to a VCARD file. That can easily be imported to OS X Contacts.

    Then for mail just configure both Gmail and iCloud mail in the OS X Mail app and drag whatever you want to keep from each Gmail folder to a new iCloud folder.
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    Alternatively, you can
    1. sync your iOS device Contacts with your Mac through iTunes
    2. turn off the Google Contacts on iOS device
    3. turn on iCloud Contacts on iOS device and Mac

    I suggest only move a few hundred messages at a time, because mail loss can happen. Keep an eye on Mail > Window > Activity to make sure not overtaxing the communication between Apple Mail and your mail servers. And of course make a backup of mail first. :)
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    Assuming you have a Mac...for easy one-way or two-way contacts sync between Google contacts and iCloud, I use a simple Mac app called "Contacts Sync for Google Gmail". It works perfectly and avoids export/import stuff.

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