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    I have a 3g and am a little tired of paying £35 for a phone that i can't make phones from due to "too many people using the network" in london.

    So I am planning on moving to a month by month sim only plan on vodafone for £20 until news of the new phone comes out.

    I have filled in the form on the o2 site to unlock the phone and am now waiting for the magic to happen. However, i need the pac number from o2 before i can order the sim from vodafone.

    Do i need to wait for the unlock to happen before i request the pac number?

    Oh and should a new phone come out where i am required to sign up for 2 years to get it subsidised will it matter that i am on a sim only deal i.e. will i still get the deal like everyone else even though I am not a new customer?


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    It's probably best to wait till you get the text telling you the phone is unlocked before requesting the PAC code, just in case.

    However, I think you could order the Vodafone SIM now anyway. It will have a different number to your O2 phone, but when your phone's unlocked you just ring O2 for the PAC code, then ring Vodafone and give them the PAC code along with details of your new SIM. It will take a few days to get changed over, but once it has you'll be set to go.

    If your O2 contract has not reached its term, though, O2 will make you keep paying it.

    I can't anticipate any problem with you getting a subsidised new model, since you'll never have had a subsidised phone from Vodafone.

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