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    Hey guys

    A few months ago i put some credit in my iTunes Store, and i leave something around 5 bucks on my account. Recently i was about to buy a app, and then i got my security questions to be answered, but, happens i forgot then :D. So i called the apple guys, and tried to reset this security questions. The problem is, i have this account for 6 years, and when i created it i wasnt 18 yet, so i had to put another birthday date. But i forgot the date i put, and i cant reset this security questions without my birthday date.

    So now i'm thinking in create a new apple id. The big problem is i have all my apple stuff synced together with my apple id/icloud account so i'm wondering if there is a way to copy my information like contacts, notes and calendars, as well as my photos from photo stream and the my iphone/ipad backups.
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    You're going to have to download and back up all your stuff manually and re-add it to the new account.

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