Carrier Moving from VZ to T-mobile?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by adammazza, Aug 7, 2015.

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    I have a VZ iphone 6. In my location T-Mobile's coverage is very good so I plan on switching to I can save ~$25 a month.

    My question is I am ~12 months into my Verizon contract (not an edge plan) and want to use my phone on T-Mobile's network. In order for T-Mobile to pay off my VZ ETF do I simply need to turn in a phone? For example I can get a Trac phone on Amazon for $5.

    Do I also need to purchase a phone from T-Mobile, or can I just get their sim?
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    I've heard of people buying cheap phones and trading them in exactly as you mentioned. However, after doing more research on t-mobile's website I found this at the bottom in the fine print:

    "Device Payment Plan/ETF Reimbursement: Port-in from eligible carrier req’d. Pay-off your device requires trade-in of financed/leased device in good condition"


    So I'm not sure if that means it requires the device you signed a contract for. But it implies it. But the above link has information on how to switch.

    Edit: updated with additional information.

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