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Discussion in 'macOS' started by danny_w, May 6, 2005.

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    I have perhaps a silly question, just coming from the Windows world (I have had my mini for 3 months now). On Windows I am used to moving the My Documents folder (basically the same as the Home directory for Mac) to another drive with everything else that I want to keep backed up. This way if the OS dies, I can re-install Windows wihtout having to backup and restore my documents; I just point the new OS image at the My Documents folder and I am ready to go. This is very easy to do in Windows; just change the properties on the My Documents icon that is on the desktop, and it will ask if you want to move the folder to the new location. It has worked this way at least since Win98. I also keep my Outlook Express message folder insode of the My Documents folder and just point OE to the folder to recover all of my messages.

    Is there a similarly easy approach that I can take in OSX? I would like to store my home folder on another partition or on an external disk for easy backup. Is this an easy thing to do, or am I simply making more work for myself because I am too used to Windows? If I clone the entire disk to the external disk, is there some easy way to keep the two disks in sync?
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    it's quite easy to do in mac os x.

    1. copy your home folder to your new partition.
    2. open the 'netinfo manager' found in applications:utilities
    3. click on the lock to authenticate
    4. in the browser click on 'users' then on your username.
    5. in the 'property' window below the browser select 'home' and change the value to the new path. ie /Volume/partitionname/

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