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Discussion in 'iPad' started by VideoBeagle, Sep 11, 2013.

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    I recently got a new iMac.

    My iPad (and iPod Touch...and all other iPods) are linked to my G5. That's where i plug them into and they connect and back up and etc.

    I want to move that association from the G5 to the iMac. Both are set up with the same apple/itunes IDs.

    I know this is never an easy thing to do, because, well Apple. (Why doesn't it just go "Hey, I see this computer has the same apple id as this ipad. Would you like me to back up here?"...because, well Apple).

    The regular iPods, I'll just reload with music or whatver. But I do want to move the back ups and assocations and data for the iPad and touch.

    I found this Life Hacker Article with step by steps. Is this the best method for me to follow so that everything goes over?

    (I have lots of apps, but no iTunes purchased music and few iTunes purchased videos...pretty much all content is self loaded into non-apple apps)

    (I also do not belive the iCloud backup is viable in this endeavor).
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    Um, no, that's not the "right" way.

    It's right that you need to authorize your new computer, but after that, all you should need to do is to copy the iTunes library folder from your old computer to your new computer. Oh, come to think of it, you should probably delete the current (I'm assuming empty) iTunes library folder from the new computer first. Or if you want to keep both llibraries, just change the name of one to something else, so they dont overwrite each other. Then, start iTunes by shift-clicking iTunes icon, then point it to the library you just copied. Now your iTunes library from your old computer should be fully functional on your new computer, and should sync with all your iDevices without deleting media. This trick also works to transfer iTunes library between pcs and macs, too.
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    Looks good with the iPod Touch..

    When I hook my iPod 4th Gen to it, and click to sync movies, I get the "will erase" warning, but it looks like I get that on the G5, so I guess I never set that up right in the first place.

    EDIT: I've found the dropbox app on my ipod touch seems to have lost it's settings. No..just somehow got into the stupid camera upload area.

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