moving iphoto and photobooth to external hd


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Mar 29, 2014
I want to back up my files and photos to an external HD on my macbook pro late 2011 with mountain lion. I did a full time machine backup several months ago and don't want to do all that again. Word files can be dragged and dropped easily enough, but I want to move my iphoto library and photobooth library such that they display via the external HD the same way they do when I open those on my internal HD. I have googled to find out out, but there seems to be lots of ways to do this. (1) Is there a recommended (and easy) way? After that, I want to empty both on my computer. (2) How is this done to free up space on my computer? iphoto keeps crashing on my computer - it will only stay open for about 30 seconds. I'm hoping this solves the problem.

Because it keeps crashing, photos from my phone will not load into it, so I loaded them into a folder on my desktop. (3) If I get iphoto running again, can I drag and drop the photos in that folder into the empty iphoto library - will they display properly?

Also, I'm thinking of updating my operating system to Sierra. (4) Are there any issues with this and a Macbook Pro 2011? (5) I know I need to backup all my files, but will Microsoft Office, Dragon Dictate, itunes etc. all be fine just left in my computer while I update? (6) How long does it take to update to Sierra?


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Sep 7, 2007
Sorry, I honestly thought the title said 'photos' when I read it .. dunno if you changed it since, but I guess it's worth a google for iPhone's instructions instead; if not only to find out if it's possible.