Moving Itunes Music to different AppleID

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  1. nyaruby macrumors newbie

    Sep 3, 2014
    My Ipad2 has always shared the same Apple ID as my wife's Macbook and has a few thousand songs. I recently purchased a new Macbook and have a different Apple ID then the other 2 devices.
    Is it possible to import all that music from my Ipad to my new Macbook?
  2. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    Why would you use a new Apple ID just because you got a new MacBook? Stick to the old ID and your life will be much easier.

    That said, I believe iTunes music is no longer drm protected, so you should just be able to copy them onto the new MacBook and they should work. Can't copy them from the iPad to computer, but copy them from computer to computer.

    Apps, videos and iBooks are protected, so you'd have to repurchase them if you want to switch Apple ID.

    Oh, and if you want your own iCloud, iMessage etc, and just share iTunes purchases with your wife, you can use one Apple ID for iTunes and App stores, and another one for iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime.
  3. Tyler23 macrumors 603


    Dec 2, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    1) no, you cannot move purchases to a different Apple ID

    2) as Night Spring said, why would you use a different Apple ID? Just sign in with the same one you've been using.

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