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  1. rosecottage, Jan 20, 2014
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    Jan 20, 2014

    I am having problems with the ISP I use for my webmail so I have decided to run my family mail domain on my local mailserver on my Mac Mini as the family mail system.

    I can sort out this easily enough and am ready to switch at any moment but...

    My wife has 3,000 mails on her iMAC (mavericks and standard iMac mail client) from her POP3 account (which are no longer on the ISP webmail system - they delete stuff too fast)

    Although the only details to change in her POP3 mail account config on her iMac are the inbound and outbound POP3 server addresses I am getting a message that states the existing mails will be deleted when I try and change these server details. I guess also the calendar entries and contacts???

    I need to preserve these elements as I change the in/out pop servers so that when i change the POP3 account details I can re-import her mail safely. She will have the same mail address after I change and will login to the iMAc with the same Apple ID...

    Can anyone explain what I need to do to enable the change safely. I cannot afford to lose these mails nor can I stay with the ISP forever?

    Many thanks,

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    I would add the new account then make a new folder "On My Mac" then drag the messages you want to save into that folder. Then delete the old account.
  3. jimthing, Jan 20, 2014
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    My main question here is, why are you still using POP for emails anyway? Just wondering.
    In this day and age IMAP should really be the best way to deal with email, so more than one devices can handle your email. IMAP is very efficient these days: move an email to a folder; it syncs across all devices as being in the same folder.

    Inside an email client, you can also easily drag emails or whole folders between different email providers.
    I have four email addresses in (OS X & iOS), and then file them into ONE master email account folder system. Which is great, as if I ever want to change my main account provider where these folders are, I can just set-up a new account with another provider, and just drag all the folders over to the new accounts server inside the client.

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