Moving (Migrating) iCal Server Data

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    My workplace has two servers, a Mac Pro running 10.6 Server and a Mac mini Server running 10.7 Server. For a variety of reasons (the repurposing of the Mac Pro for more grander purposes as well as simply not needing anything that 10.6 Server has and 10.7 Server doesn't being among them), we're trying to slowly transition to using the Mac mini Server with 10.7 Server and transition away from the Mac Pro with 10.6 Server. That said, the only thing stopping us from completing that migration is iCal Server data.

    What is the standard procedure for moving iCal Server data from one Mac running 10.6 Server to another Mac running 10.7 Server? Please tell me there is one. So far, all I'm seeing is the Server Migration Assistant, or simply using Terminal copy commands and then changing file permissions. I'd prefer something in the middle if it exists. Obviously, any insight is most welcome and appreciated. Thanks.
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    Depends, if you only have a few users it is easy to export calendars from ical on a local machine. select all and export. then when you have the new in place import them again. works a threat allso this way you have a backup in place.
    Once again this is only doable if you have a couple of users / calendars.

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