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    Hey guys,

    I am moving out of the US for good on September 1st. I have the iphone 3GS but want to get the iphone 4.

    The contract for the 3GS is over in May 2011. I can get an early upgrade to get the iphone 4 but still need to pay 200 dollars more on the price.

    If I open a new account to get the new iphone 4 i will pay the special price. However in less than 3 months I will have to cancel both contracts. Will there be a termination fee? How do I get around this? Any advice?
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    Moving overseas can be a very risky and bad experience if it is not done with proper planning. One has to consider so many things before moving overseas, the first and foremost is hiring international moving company. These people help and make the relocating process much easier.
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    Where are you moving to? Depending on the country, some carriers let you purchase a permanent unlock or the apple store there sells a factory unlocked phone.
    Buy your next iPhone in your new country. Since you're starting a new contract, you should be able to get the next gen iPhone.
    Call AT&T and tell them you're moving. Explain to them that you will have to end your contract. Keep speaking to a higher up until you find someone who will help you end the contract without a fee.
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    Unless you're military or Foreign Service PCSing on government orders, the odds of you being able to cancel your contract without the ETF are slim.
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    they most probably remove the ETF since it's moving over seas.. talk to a supervisor at their customer care.. i know they wont charge you. ;)
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    I heard they changed that and still will charge you ETF.
    But the op should call them to find out details about the account in question.
    And get rid of the US locked iPhones cause they won't work overseas. They should sell them here and buy factory unlocked units at the new location.
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    What does your comment have to do anything with Iphone?:rolleyes:

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