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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by IrishVixen, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I'll start by saying I've hunted through here and Google already, and I'm thinking I'm missing something really obvious, because I'm not seeing the answer.

    My MacBookPro is older than dirt, according to Apple, and doesn't have a version of iTunes that recognizes the iPhone 5. So, I've been moving things from my iPhone 4 over to my iPhone 5 without using a computer, just the cloud. Most stuff has been easy, but the ringtones are giving me fits. Both phones are jailbroken, have iFile installed, and are connected to Dropbox.

    Hunting around, I found that under iOS 5, ringtones appear to be stored in /var/mobile/media/iTunes_Control/Ringtones. I copied this folder up to Dropbox, downloaded it to the iP5. Tones play fine through the iFile Audio Player. But when you look at a contact to assign ringtones/text tones, none of the imported ones show in the list. Respring/reboot, still not there.

    First question: is the location for purchased/created ringtones the same under iOS 6, or did Apple move it? There was no ringtones file in that location, I had to add it. Since I hadn't added any new ones to this phone via iTunes, etc., I figured the folder simply hadn't been created yet, but I could be totally wrong on that score. iFile isn't turning up another Ringtones folder elsewhere when searched.

    Second: Assuming they're in the right place, is there something specific that needs to be done in order for the phone to recognize these files as ringtones?

    I'm stumped, and searches aren't turning up anything useful. Other ideas? (besides the obvious "upgrade the computer", LOL)
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    If you have iFile on your iP5, I googled your request and found a solution:

    If you have the .m4r open in iFile on iPhone, then in iFile, click on Edit , select the ringtone, click bottom right icon and select Copy. Then navigate to /var/stash/ringtones.xxx, and click on Edit, and same bottom right icon to paste it.

    Or you could get the free app iFunBox for your MB, plug in your iP4 and transfer the ringtones to the desktop. Then plug in your iP5 and navigate to Raw File System/var/stash/Ringtones.xxxx folder and drag your ringtones from your desktop into this directory. Respring the iP5 and you should be done.

    I really don't know how the OS knows the difference between a song and a ringtone (besides the obvious file extension) but it looks like location is crucial.
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    Install BoltApp from Cydia (it's free). Copy your ringtones to the folder BoltApp tells you to via iFile or however you are getting them on your iPhone. Select the ringtones in Bolt and install.

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    Interesting--so they did move the files with iOS 6. (Apple, I hate you sometimes.) That file doesn't exist in that location in iOS 5. Copying the files into that location via iFile on the iP5 DOES put them in the list, though for some damn reason, they lose their "friendly" names and just show the four letter file name in the process. No respring/reboot required, though.

    Thank you--obviously my GoogleFu was poor today if I couldn't find an answer when you found it so quickly. :)

    eyoungren--I'm checking out BoltApp next. Being able to put songs on the phone more easily would be a huge plus. Thanks for recommending it!

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