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    Jul 4, 2011
    My family is moving to an area where AT&T only has 'moderate' coverage. It looks like Verizon is the major carrier there, with 3G service everywhere. We really don't want to switch carriers, but if we have to, is there any kind of program Verizon offers for AT&T customers switching?

    We have an iPhone 4, two 3GSs, and a non-Apple phone. I calculated it would cost $819 to buy out of our contract, which is ridiculous. With Verizon's Trade-In program, they would give us a combined $360 for the phones, which would leave us with $459 to pay, still a lot. Is there any cheaper way to switch?
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    I just switched from AT&T back to Verizon (had it pre-iPhone 3GS). As far as your AT&T contract goes, you're sort of screwed unless you can prove that coverage is inadequate where you are moving and you can get them to waive the ETF. What you can do is find a location that truly has no AT&T service and tell AT&T that you are moving to that zip code. Then they have to cancel your line without ETF. Another option is - basically it allows you to swap a contract with somebody else, so in this case, you would continue that person's Verizon contract.

    As always, don't pay an activation fee with Verizon. It's free activation online, but in-store they try charging you. 1.) flat out tell them they have to waive it for you to sign up OR 2.) tell them you're paying ETF on AT&T and need an discount you can get. I've done Option 1 every time except for July 3 when I did Option 2. It worked and in my experience, Verizon has always had incredible customer service. Just use a kind tone.

    Sorry I can't help you any more with your ETF. Unless AT&T changes the rates and has an "adverse material change" clause in your contract, you're kinda left with paying the ETF or trying the "moving out of coverage" option. There are some loopholes, such as the aforementioned clause, but that's a gamble of long odds.


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    You might see if you get any corporate or business discounts through VZ. Otherwise there aren't any official programs or anything offered to lure A&T customers over.

    If you do go VZ I suggest doing so on the phone. I've had CSR's offer me better than in store deals if I made the switch through them rather than in store. Just tell them you're interested in switching and see what they can offer.

    Sadly, the ETF is a tough one to dodge. When we switched from AT&T we got stuck paying it, even though we couldn't complete a successful phone call in our home. Their coverage map said we should be getting a signal, even though it was clear we were dropping calls left and right in and around our home.

    My advice is to sell the phones on your own. That's what we did and we got a fair price through We had very good luck and received prompt payment when we sold them our phones earlier this year.

    You can check what they will offer you at no commitment to sell. Just punching in a 16gb iphone 4 in well maintained condition, all accessories, and no water damage it looks they'll give you $305 USD. A 16gb 3gs in the same shape as the iphone 4 will net you $215 per phone. So already you're at $735 just selling your iPhones to

    Of course you can try to sell through Craigslist, ebay, etc... and possibly do better, but for the lack of hassle and the fair price (IMO) is a good option. Just be honest about the condition of your phone as they will make a counter offer if the phone doesn't match the condition you described.

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