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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Spitroast Panda, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Other than a previous flirtation with an ipod touch a few yrs ago, which my daughter has somehow "inherited" :D, I ave been firmly camped in the android garden, but fancied the move into Cupertinos offerings! Is there anything I need to know that will be obviously different when I get my ipad air this week and my iphone 5c? And any apps I NEED to acquire that Im unlikely to have had on my android?
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    First tip: For anyone in your family that gets an iOS device, make them their own iCloud account BUT use the same iTunes store account on every device. So you can keep all of your iMessages and Facetime info separate but still share apps without having to re-buy them.

    This is second nature to most of us, but it may be a new concept to you.

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    The other thing I'd suggest is fully throwing yourself into iCloud and Apple's ecosystem. Google and Apple's bickering has kept causing problems for people who want to use Google stuff on iOS. Not impossible, but harder.

    Sign into all of your google accounts on the iPhone first, then do stuff like turn off contacts and calendar in your Google account's settings and say "Keep data on phone." Then sign up for an iCloud account and it will sync all of your information back to iCloud. (If you want to keep using BOTH Google and iCloud for contacts this is not terrible...The 'Contacts' app will combine people's cards and show at the bottom of the person's card which accounts it is synced to. So you'd see a person once with 2 accounts listed at the bottom of their card. The reason for this is that you may wish to use both and G-Mail on web browsers and want that info in both places.)

    If you're married to your G-Mail address you can keep using the email part of it while having contacts and calendars on iCloud (or on both, as mentioned above). I will say that using GMail on iOS is not as great as it used to be (Google has dropped push-support for GMail on iOS, for example) but I know how tough it is to change email addresses. I don't really expect you to do that. I did it and I'm glad I did, but it's not for everyone. (Also, I got an @me address which I like. You'd have to get an @iCloud address, which is lame.)

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    And make sure you turn on 'iCloud Backups.' The ability to buy a new iPhone after you drop yours in a lake and get everything back is truly wonderful. Make sure you have it enabled.

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