Moving to Mac from XP- how not to lose data

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Uabcar, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Okay- first let me say up front, I've done some research - both on MR and Google. Unfortunately it's hard to tell if things are current and comprehensive, end to end. I'm hoping you all can either point me in the right direction and/or provide tips.

    I currently sync my iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the XP box. My goals are to move all my songs, apps, movies/TV shows etc. over to my new mac. I want to stop using the XP machine all together.

    During my research, I came across this FAQ: It seems like there would need to be more to the process. Hopefully I'm wrong and this is it.

    In terms of steps. I'm thinking I need to do this:
    1. Ensure both XP and Mac are running the most current version of iTunes - if not upgrade them
    2. Sync and back-up each device one last time on the XP machine
    3. Transfer the data (via the apple FAQ above)
    4. Sync each device with the mac? Will the Mac recognize the devices just like the XP machine did? Will I need to transfer purchases from each device? Sync devices?
    5. Authorize Mac / De-authorize WinXP
    6. Done?

    Please add or update where needed.

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    That's pretty much it. You can have an Apple Genius do this for you in the store, if you like - although my understanding (please double-check) is that they will move all of your documents, mail accounts, etc. if you like.
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