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    I have two jailbroken iPhone 4 phones, one old and one newer. And I have a problem with moving one game from one iphone to another. This game is officially purchased. So what I've did - installed game onto new iphone and copied Documents and Library folder from the old iPhone. And when I start a game on the new iphone it seems that the game settings are transferred but the problem is that I must replay all my completed levels again:( This problem is only with few particular games. I've also tried pkgbackup to do what I want, but result is the same:( Can anyone help me with this. Game is Action Jewel Swap Pro. Thanks.
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    have you tried appbackup?

    Edit: meant appbackup, sorry!
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    No, but I tried one more thing after I wrote this post.

    Took two additional non jailbreaked iphones. Two initial iphones were with iOS 6.1 and iOS 6.1.2. These iPhones are with iOS 7.0.4. Installed this game on these two iphones. Played one level on one of them. And then I copied Library and Documents folder using ifunbox. And my game progress was transferred:/ So I'm a little lost why this procedure doesn't work on iphones with iOS 6.x:/
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