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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mm1250, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I exported all my Photos and videos from an HTC one( over 1200). I've been able to import all the photos and some videos but I still have a ton of videos that won't import. I'm syncing with my Mac and have all the photos/videos in iPhoto.

    most of the videos won't sync to phone and get a message in iTunes that they are not supported.

    How can I get these videos on my iPhone?
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    You need to convert them to an iPhone friendly format and then get them into iTunes. There are a number of apps out there than can do that. Do a Google search.

    Once you have them in iTunes you can sync them to the iPhone. Note that your videos will appear in the Video app, however, any NEW videos you take with your iPhone will actually be stored in the Camera app in your Camera Roll.

    Yeah, this is where Apple is inconsistent. If it's video, it should be store in the Video app and not the Camera Roll in my opinion.
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