Moving Windows 7 file from SSD to HDD and back results in dramatic storage loss SSD

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  1. matthiasdb, Jan 11, 2012
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    matthiasdb macrumors newbie

    Jan 11, 2012
    So this it what I did;

    When I bought my brand new Macbook Pro 13" at the local dealer, I also bought a separate SSD and replaced my HDD with it.

    The HDD caddy to replace the HDD with took some time to arrive from Ebay, I couldn't help myself but completely setting up my Macbook with the SSD and thinking I'd simply relink my data files afterwards. Coming from a Windows machine I thought this would simply mean changing some paths in some settings (damn me for not looking that up first!)...
    So I went ahead and set the whole thing up (including Parallels with Windows 7 and 32GB HDD space for it)

    When the caddy arrived, I installed the reformatted 750GB HDD in the superdrives bay.

    As for the software changes, I ended up copying my whole user folder to the HDD, relinking it in user settings and deleting the one on the SSD thinking that was that , not realizing that the Windows 7 file was also in it. The file itself was only 11GB but Parallels did snatch up more than that (I seem to remember, not 100% sure though)

    When booting Windows 7, I noticed an unbearable lag so I went to look for the Windows 7 file only to find it on the slow HDD.

    So I moved it back to the SSD.

    After all this, my free disk space on the SSD is 36GB of 127,1GB. This is weird because before installing the HDD, I had about 80GB free space.

    • the desktop icon of the SSD shows 140GB free space :eek:
    • When I press the space bar though, it shows it only had 36GB free space.
    • When doing cmd+i it also shows 140GB free space
    • The disk manager (or whatever it's called in English, in Dutch it says "schijfhulpprogramma") also shows only 36GB free disk space


    Seems to me that I've lost at least 32GB in SSD disk space because I moved the Windows 7 file, and moved it back again. I remember, before moving the file back to the SSD, missing about 32GB's on the SSD although showing 90GB of free space on the desktop icon, moving it back only made it worse...

    Does anyone how to get back the disk space I lost by moving the windows 7.pvm file?
  2. rootgremlin macrumors newbie

    Jan 19, 2012
    sounds like ou should throw out the garbage. empty your recycle bin. If that does't helt try repair rights/permissions in disk utility
  3. IvanOhio macrumors newbie

    Jan 7, 2012
    Something to know, When installing Windows 7, it will set aside 100 MB for System use. This is for installation and such. Do not delete it because it is important to the OS working. Now the depending on which one you install,
    32 bit will actually take about 20 GB and the 64 bit about 40+ GB of Hard drive or SSD space.

    Now a little secret, the way Windows sees your hard drive, that is the amount of space is going to be lower when viewing the HD or SSD in Windows. But here is the interesting part, a 1 TB will view as 931.51 GB. Just know it knows that it is 1 TB. It how it breaks down the bytes of the drive. I know it sounds confusing but it just how it does the math.

    It is all there, just give some room for install and updates.

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