Mozilla Firefox 3.6 final release date

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    Mozilla Firefox 3.6 final release date
    By Andrew Lyle

    Mozilla Firefox is ready to release their next big update to their browser, version 3.6. The update will drop on Thursday, January 21 at 9:30 PST. The next big version of Firefox is promised to be faster than any previous version available and focus on improving user experience.

    Some of the new features in Firefox 3.6 are:

    New Personas
    Outdated Plugin Detection
    Full Screen Open Video support
    Web open Font Format
    CSS Gradients and Backgrounds for Developers
    File API
    Drag and Drop
    Desktop Orientation Sensors
    Improved Speed

    Mozilla Firefox currently has over 6,000 add-ons available to help customize your interface and tweak your browser. Mozilla is adding in “Personas”, allowing users to preview how a theme looks before applying it. Mozilla has also updated their plug-in detection, bringing you to a page with all the latest and out of date applications.

    Firefox 3.6 will be 20% faster than version 3.5, reducing their overall speed to just under a second. Web designers will receive a CSS gradient and background and an updated file API for web application developers, to work just like desktop apps. Firefox will also add drag and drop support, and even detect your computer orientation.
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    Man I had stop following firefox's update after they went 2.0 I just like the browser. It looks like they added a lot to it and some new feature not in place on others. Either way it will be a nice update.
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    Wow, I normally expect clevin to start these kinds of threads. :D
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    LOL. I head to read the thing 4 times to make sure this was not a standard LTD bash thread. I was rather shock that it was just a standard announcement thread.
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    HA! Where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, with Firefox 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5. And sadly, it hasn't been much faster at all. I've been a Firefox fan for years, but I have been getting annoyed with it recently. It isn't all that fast, and has been unstable. 3.5 has been better than 3.0, but I still have problems with it. If it weren't for the add-ons, I probably would ditch it.

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