MP 1,1-as satellite?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by cscotto, Dec 16, 2013.

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    I would like some ideas about some possible uses for a MP 1,1 as a companion machine for my MP 5,1. I use Logic Pro X, which is why I bought a 5,1 and thought I was retiring my 1,1. I have successfully upgraded the 1,1 to 10.9.1 using Tiamo's new efi file. I don't really want to sell the machine since the firewire ports on the front do not work. I would rather keep it as a backup. And now that I have 10.9.1 running on it, I thought it be useful as an addition to my main machine. Of course, before Apple nixed the node function in Logic X that is what I would have used it for. Besides Logic Pro, I also use NI Komplete, UAD Plugins, and various other audio software. I thought I could use the 1,1 as a big software synth with the NI software and connect the machines via ADAT cable. So, how would you make the best use of the 1,1 in a studio situation? Thanks in advance.
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    You do know that the old MP could be replaced Mini. The Mini would be faster and burn less power.

    One use for the MP is as a File Server, a NAS. Put some big dis drives in it, turn on software RAID and share the large volume over the network. If you wanted a really hie NAS system you could load FreeNAS over top of Mac OS X and have an enterprise quality NAS.

    If you wanted to use it as a Mac computer then maybe you have a MIDI keyboard and you could load the virtual instruments into the old Mac and send them as audio to Logic but that is a wast of a computer becsue you want the MIDI data inside Logic. I'd want the Midi so I could change the settings on any virtual instruments later.

    I'd build a high-end NAS out of the box

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