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Dec 31, 2013
New York City
Does anyone else have Google Fiber? I've had it about 6 months now. I live in Kansas City where it is debuting, so I guess if anyone else had it they'd have to be in KC. Thought I'd post a few speed test results. I have my computer plugged directly into the modem/router box. If people are interested I can do a WiFi test too. My computer has the optional WiFi card from Apple.
Ping: 32ms
Download: 937.84 mbps
Upload: 937.54 mbps

Interestingly when I go to this site I get much lower speeds. I guess it's cause my ping is higher on that test. Weird since the google test is powered by Ookla who runs the above test.
Ping: 49ms
Download: 348.72 mbps
Upload: 811.71 mbps

In real world use, Google Fiber is awesome. The other day I uploaded a 50gb Quicktime file to my Dropbox account in under 10min. Also I uploaded that same file (80min HD video) to Youtube in just a few hours.

I'd be interested in hearing anyone else's Google Fiber results with a Mac Pro. You can see my MP stats in my Signature.


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Mar 18, 2011
I'm also in KC(MO). I've been getting:

930-945 Mbps down
930-945 Mbps up
0-1 ms ping
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