MP vs. nMP in Europe


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Oct 25, 2010
I'm German, and have a bit of a problem .

The original MacPro has not been for sale in Europe for about a year, and can't be purchased new any longer.

As the owner of an MP 3.1, this puts me in a tough spot .
I can keep my old MP, hoping it won't break down anytime soon, get a used 4.1/5.1, or buy the nMP plus a bunch of dongles, hubs and a couple of drive enclosures .

Which might or might not work properly - the nMP doesn't seem quite ready yet, and will take a year or two to figure whether it is a suitable replacement , mainly due to the unknown capabilty and usabilty of USB 3.0 on the Mac, of TB in general, and the questionable quality and design of OSX Lion and its successors .

As a matter of fact, it appears that both TB and USB 3.0 have never been a solid and mainstream replacement of FW/USB 2.0 on any Mac as of now .

Hence, I'm wondering what my fellow Euro MacPro users are considering right now, when the nMP is the only new MacPro one can buy over here .


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May 3, 2009
I'm not in Europe nor do I have a MP (though I've owned them in the past). From your post, it sounds like you've made up your mind to hold off and are looking for some justification.

My $.02 is that waiting is probably the best bet, as you get a chance to see how the nMP shakes out. If you're current oMP appears to be on its way out, then get a used MP to tied you over for a year or two.


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Nov 23, 2007
Hmm, what problems could USB 3 introduce? From my understanding it's backwards compatible with USB 2, the only difference would be the speed.

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