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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by notchfiend, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Jan 11, 2012

    I am using MP3 Rage's Volume Control to normalize all my songs to one reference file. I have external hard drive where the songs are stored. I use my G5's 16GB RAM to make the happen in about an hour. It works just fine on the G5. I hear the new volume of the songs.

    The problem occurs when I plug the external drive into my G4 iBook. The songs go back to the way they were. I have no way of knowing if this is exactly true save these methods: I keep having to adjust the songs' volume in iTunes, once I plug the external into my G4. The same goes for MegaSeg and Radiologik DJ.

    Now, I know there is a differences between the sound on a G4 and on a G5. However, before I bought the G5, I had two iBook G4's. The same thing would happen. I would normalize without a hitch on one computer. But, once I plugged the external drive into my other G4 the sound difference was markedly noticeable in iTunes. Therefore, I know the G4/G5 variation isn't to blame.

    I looked for a MP3 Rage or a Chaotic cache that I could copy from one computer to the other. But, I found none.

    Again, I know the sound is changed at the ID3 level, which _should_ make it uniform across all computers, no matter what kind they are. But, it doesn't, at least not on my three.

    I only have the computing power of my G5 for seven more days. I would like to get this issue solve well before then.

    Will you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    What if iTunes does not read those tags, if this is true you can't do much about it.

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