MP3 Safari Streaming w/ .htaccess?


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Jul 18, 2007
So I have a portion of my mp3 collection uploaded on my web hosting service. To be safe, I have given the directory where they are located your standard username & password protection using .htaccess.

The problem is, iPhone's Safari won't stream the MP3's with the authentication in place. It streams it perfectly without the .htaccess usthentication piece, but consistently get "movie could not be played" errors with. They stream perfectly in every computer-based browser I throw at it regardless.

A little random, I know, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas. It would be nice to have (secure) access to more media considering obvious memory limitations of the iphone.


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Apr 19, 2009
iphone won't play my files consistently I put up mp3 fiels encoded in itunes, and they play on the PC and laptop, but inconsistently with the iphone. Doesn't make sense, must be a server issue. That's at least what the Apple Store people told me. now I may have to change hosting service. So weird!