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    Dec 15, 2011

    I have some music on my PC, but i don't pay too much atention to the mp3 tags, so they are all messed up. I know that iTunes Match matches the tracks based on the acoustic fingerprint of each track, and if there is any tag on the file, uses it to get a more precise matching if the fingerprint is not enough

    Also, when a track gets matched, iTunes keeps it metadata (mp3tags) embedded in the Cloud, so if there is something wrong with it, when you download that track from the Cloud, the wrong tagging comes with it.

    My question is:

    Instead of correcting the tags before trying to match the songs, Will it be better to delete all the tags of all the mp3s, let iTunes Match match the songs based only on their fingerprint, and then download all of them so they are downloaded with the correct Tags??????

    I think that if an mp3 with no tags gets matched, the Cloud version will have tags; correct??

    Thank you!
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    Dec 15, 2011
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    I don't think this will work. I am not 100% but the ID tags are always from your computer so if you have a blank track called TRACK1 and everything else is blank lets say it gets matched, well you delete the local track and re-download you will have the same ID tag.

    From my experience of constantly changing ID tags to make my albums more complete, iTunes match ALWAYS uses my local copy and nothing from the cloud.

    There might be a way but that is my .02.
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    The way your songs are tagged in iTunes when you start iTunes Match, is the way your songs will download to your computer, whether its matched or uploaded.

    As for deleting tags before matching, I'm guessing that your songs will not get matched, but rather uploaded. Anything that you upload is exactly what's on your computer.

    I tried many different ways to get around the tagging, and eventually just bought TuneUp and it really helped clean up my library.
  5. emulajavi thread starter macrumors regular

    Dec 15, 2011
    i wall also thinking of using TuneUp....

    iTunes Match should have an option about tagging to choose between:

    - Overwrite all Tags with iTunes information
    - Only update missing info in the tag with iTunes information
    - Do nothing

    That will help a lot our libraries.

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