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    So final cut pro 7 seems to be incomptaible in importing mp4 files unlike in adobe premiere pro which you can import p4 files easily. Though I'm more comfortable in using FCP :( What about Final Cut Pro X, does it import mp4 files automatically/right away without any problems unlike in FCP 7?
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    An MP4 solution

    I hope you've solved this, but if not, here is the solution:
    Export your video as an HD video for apple device for (720p) or 1080p for apple device (3rd gen apple tv). It will create you an m4v file.

    .m4v is Apple's glorified version of .mp4 making you believe that it is unique to your apple devices...
    - Export as .m4v
    - Change the .m4v extension to .mp4

    Hope it helps

    If you have compressor there is another way of making it permanently export to .mp4. If you want to know how to, just ask (=

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