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    Nov 8, 2005
    Using Handbrake, I want to convert a DVD movie to MP4 format so it can be played on an iPhone. Is there a link or FAQ that will tell me the Handbrake options that need to be set? If not, can someone tell me the Handbrake options I should use?

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    Sep 30, 2007
    the latest version of handbrake has an automatic option for iphone/touch
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    Nov 8, 2005
    Well the OSX version does, but I want to run this on my Linux based PC because it is MUCH faster. On Linux, Handbrake has no such setting. So.. what options do I use here?

    Here are the options..

    Syntax: HandBrakeCLI [options] -i <device> -o <file>

    ### General Handbrake Options------------------------------------------------

    -h, --help Print help
    -u, --update Check for updates and exit
    -v, --verbose Be verbose
    -C, --cpu Set CPU count (default: autodetected)

    ### Source Options-----------------------------------------------------------

    -i, --input <string> Set input device
    -t, --title <number> Select a title to encode (0 to scan only,
    default: 1)
    -L, --longest Select the longest title
    -c, --chapters <string> Select chapters (e.g. "1-3" for chapters
    1 to 3, or "3" for chapter 3 only,
    default: all chapters)

    ### Destination Options------------------------------------------------------

    -o, --output <string> Set output file name
    -f, --format <string> Set output format (avi/mp4/ogm/mkv, default:
    autodetected from file name)
    -4, --large-file Use 64-bit mp4 files that can hold more than
    4 GB. Note: Breaks iPod, @TV, PS3 compatibility.

    ### Picture Settings---------------------------------------------------------

    -w, --width <number> Set picture width
    -l, --height <number> Set picture height
    --crop <T:B:L:R> Set cropping values (default: autocrop)
    -Y, --maxHeight <#> Set maximum height
    -X, --maxWidth <#> Set maximum width
    -s, --subtitle <number> Select subtitle (default: none)
    -U, --subtitle-scan Scan for subtitles in an extra first pass, and choose
    the one that's only used 10 percent of the time
    or less. This should locate subtitles for short
    foreign language segments. Best used in conjunction
    with --subtitle-forced.
    -F, --subtitle-forced Only display subtitles from the selected stream if
    the subtitle has the forced flag set. May be used in
    conjunction with --subtitle-scan to auto-select
    a stream if it contains forced subtitles.
    -N, --native-language Select subtitles with this language if it does not
    <string> match the Audio language. Provide the language's
    iso639-2 code (fre, eng, spa, dut, et cetera)
    -m, --markers Add chapter markers (mp4 output format only)

    ### Video Options------------------------------------------------------------

    -e, --encoder <string> Set video library encoder (ffmpeg,xvid,
    x264,x264b13,x264b30 default: ffmpeg)
    -q, --quality <float> Set video quality (0.0..1.0)
    -Q, --crf Use with -q for CRF instead of CQP
    -S, --size <MB> Set target size
    -b, --vb <kb/s> Set video bitrate (default: 1000)
    -r, --rate Set video framerate (5/10/12/15/23.976/24/25/29.97)

    -2, --two-pass Use two-pass mode
    -d, --deinterlace Deinterlace video with yadif/mcdeint filter
    <YM:FD:MM:QP> (default 0:-1:-1:1)
    -7, --deblock Deblock video with pp7 filter
    <QP:M> (default 0:2)
    -8, --denoise Denoise video with hqdn3d filter
    <SL:SC:TL:TC> (default 4:3:6:4.5)
    -9, --detelecine Detelecine video with pullup filter
    <L:R:T:B:SB:MP> (default 1:1:4:4:0:0)
    -g, --grayscale Grayscale encoding
    -p, --pixelratio Store pixel aspect ratio in video stream

    ### Audio Options-----------------------------------------------------------

    -E, --aencoder <string> Set audio encoder (faac/lame/vorbis/ac3, ac3
    meaning passthrough, default: guessed)
    -B, --ab <kb/s> Set audio bitrate (default: 128)
    -a, --audio <string> Select audio channel(s) ("none" for no
    audio, default: first one)
    -6, --mixdown <string> Format for surround sound downmixing
    (mono/stereo/dpl1/dpl2/6ch, default: dpl2)
    -R, --arate Set audio samplerate (22.05/24/32/44.1/48 kHz)

    ### Advanced H264 Options----------------------------------------------------

    -x, --x264opts <string> Specify advanced x264 options in the
    same style as mencoder:
    option1=value1 option2=value2
    -T, --turbo When using 2-pass use the turbo options
    on the first pass to improve speed
    (only works with x264, affects PSNR by about 0.05dB,
    and increases first pass speed two to four times)

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