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Jan 4, 2008
i want to transfer a video to my daughter's innotab. needs to be avi file i think.

"use handbrake" but there is only two options. I thought i had found the answer with this thread . . . . "So, I used to be able to convert my ripped dvd files into .avi files with Handbrake. That option no longer exists. The only output options I have are .mp4 and .mkv. What gives!?!?!? "

but he was told that this already existed on

but that doesn't answer the question apart from "About .avi support: the web site for the software is your friend."

I downloaded smart converter; but options on devises not fie formats

what am i missing?


Dec 10, 2002
Avi is a container. Is there a specific codec requirement? Otherwise, maybe the hardware can read modern codecs. Try simply renaming your mp4 to avi.


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Jun 6, 2011
Try MPEG Streamclip. It can export to AVI. Don't forget to install Perian before.


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Jan 4, 2008
i searched "codec requirement for innotab" and got this

can i do this on handbrake? (smartconverter has "divx" as an option)
Conversion Steps
1. Deselect the adware during setup the installation and then follow these steps:

2. Click the "DVD" button at the top and select your DVD drive. It will take a little while to fully read the DVD.

2a. ((If you want to convert a file instead, click the "Video" button and select the video))

3. Select the correct Track number. Usually, it is the longest one.

4. Click the "to AVI" button at the bottom.

5. Create the Preset for the Innotab:
NOTE: You only need to create this "Innotab" preset one time. Next time, just select this one.
In the Preset drop down menu, select "Add your Preset".
Enter "Innotab" in the Title box.
Frame Size: Custom
Width: 480
Height: 272
Adjustment: Original
Video Codec select XVID
frame rate (FPS): 29.97
Bitrate leave default "Auto".
Audio codec select PCM
Channels: Mono
Sample Rate: 22050
Default bitrate "16"
"OK" to save

6. Click "Convert"
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