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Jan 5, 2013
Moonville, SC
I am having trouble joining video files in MP4 tools, maybe someone might be able to help me.

Here is the background. One of my DVD's will not convert in handbrake, shuts the program down every time. On my 7 year old pc I have a few slysoft programs. I used one to copy the 7 files I need to my flash drive.

I was then able to convert these to mp4 files.

I've tried several times to join in MP4 Tools, fortunately my new Mac Mini does this quickly. Issue is when I join File 1 and File 2 the video is fine, however the audio track of file 2 is being superimposed over File 1, so both audio tracks play, then when you get to point where 2nd files video starts there is no audio at all.

I've tried numerous times, first I had some mismatched settings so I went back in HB and made sure all where the same, because that was causing other issues.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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May 17, 2008
As far as the audio track goes.

Merge them one after another in audacity then add the audio track to the mp4 file using subler
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