MP6,1 Wi-Fi possible issue

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by bxs, Jun 10, 2014.

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    I have the MP6,1 12-core/1TB SSD/D700s/64GB RAM model. It does have Wi-Fi hardware 802.11ac. It has 3 displays... 60" Sony TV, LG 21:9 34" and 23" ACD.

    The MP6,1 is placed next to one side of a 60" Sony TV (not powered up) and has a speaker within 12 " of it. The other 2 displays are off to the other side of the MP6,1.

    The Internet is accessed via a 2TB Time Capsule (dual band 802.11n). This device is about 3 feet above the MP6,1.

    I find that at times (frequently) the MP6,1 will not connect to my Wi-Fi network be it the 2.4GHz on Chan 9 nor the 5GHz one.

    I have a MP5,1 with Wi-Fi which is located some 12 feet away from the same Time Capsule yet it never has issues finding the Wi-Fi network.

    Could the speaker close to the MP6,1 be such an influence I wonder ? Regardless, I would expect that the Time Capsule being just 3 feet away from the MP6,1 will ensure a strong signal and that the speaker should not be causing any issue.
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    If the Time Capsule is 3 feet from the nMP, why don't you just connect to it by way of an Ethernet cable? That will be faster, simpler, more reliable, and free up the airwaves for those devices that have to be wireless, such as a tablet.

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