MPEG/AVI -> JPEG converter (and back again)


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Feb 27, 2006
Portsmouth, U.K
A friend of mine is into starwars bigtime (he's only 10, so i guess that excuses him) and has made some videos of himself fighting a friend with lightsabres.

As I edited some of his photos ages ago, he asked me to edit the video to look 'real' - the only way I can think of doing it is to convert the video to JPEGs and edit them one at a time in Photoshop.

As I'm a noob when it comes to video, can anyone suggest any freeware that would do the trick (don't think I'll use it again, so I don't feel the need to splash out on software) - or any way to do it while remaining a video?


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Aug 30, 2003
So you're going to animate this by hand? QuickTime Pro can do that (not free but cheap).

To split out the frames, you can use Export -> Movie to image Sequence.

To put them back together, you can use Open Image Sequence...


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Mar 27, 2006
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Yeah that's a good way to do it if you got a couple months of free time on your hands. If you can find a way to get Adobe Premiere there is a format that you can export called filmstrip. It makes what you're doin easy as drawing a straight line. All you have to do is start a project with the raw footage export the footage as filmstrip. Open the filmstrip in Photoshop paint over the lightsabers w/ your Photoshop technique. When you're finished in Photoshop merge/flatten any extra layers down that you might make and just save the file (not save as). Then go back to premiere and import the edited filmstrip and it will play back as regular video footage then export the video to video camera/tape deck/to computer however you like. That's easiest way to do it, but not cheap unless you can get the programs for free some how ;)