mpeg2 vs hd

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by icedmocha, Mar 19, 2009.

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    I am considering three cameras, the Canon hf10 ($600), Panasonic HDC-HS99 $400), and the Cannon hs100 (mpeg2, $250). Are the differences between hd and mpeg huge? How do download times compare? Thanks.
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    The first two cameras use the more advanced AVCHD codec (based on.H264/MPEG-4) while the other uses an older MPEG-2 codec.

    As I don't know about the data rates the cameras use, so I can't say how big the files get. AVCHD typically uses 17MB/s.

    As they seem to record on SD(HC) cards, it all depends on the reader you use.

    I would say, the cameras using the AVCHD codec are better in image quality, compared to the MPEG-2 camera. HDV would be even better, as it is tape based and has a data rate of approx. 25 MB/s and a more stable codec.
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    mpeg2 vs hd?

    MPEG-2 is a compression standard, not a definition specification. To the contrary, all HD broadcasts in the USA use the MPEG-2 standard.
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    H.264 and Mpeg 4 are also slowly being introduced. Motorola's next cable box will have MP4 hardware decoding.

    to OP:
    - download times will be fast for all three as they are flash based and thus file based transfers.
    - time will be a factor when you are rendering/transcoding the files. That time is dependent on the power of your machine.

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