Mplayerx does not load SRT subtitles files

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by KrakenChaos, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. KrakenChaos macrumors newbie

    Aug 26, 2012
    I'm not sure if anyone encountered this with OSX 10.9, myplayer v1.0.22. It used to work very well in loading subtitles files with various media formats in OSX 10.8. But now in 10.9 most of the time it won't load SRT files. I had to use subler to embed the SRT file to the movie file, only then it will load the subtitle. I don't know what had changed the player's behaviour in this version. Can it be fixed?
  2. twintin macrumors 6502

    Aug 10, 2012
    It works for me on those few movies I have tried. But then you said most of the time it won't load the SRT file. Does it mean that from time to time it works ?
  3. KrakenChaos thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 26, 2012
    It seems to works with some files. But the problem is the files used to work does not work anymore. It used to work for all the file I have had before the upgrade to 10.9.
  4. alexino11 macrumors newbie


    Jan 31, 2014
    that's why you download VLC. seriously VLC stands the best media player at the moment in both windows and mac, it can sync the subtitle too.
  5. KrakenChaos thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 26, 2012
    Thanks for the VLC recommandation, but I prefer mplayerx. It's faster and the shortcuts are intuitive. It works with all the formats. Well, just this not properly load subtitles issue came out with new version. Maybe I should just report a bug to the developer directly.


    Oh, this is embarrassing. The issue was caused by a setting in mplayerx. Under Subtitles, un-check "Load subtitles but don't display subtitle when playback starts". It then loads the subtitles properly. Still this seems to be a bug.

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