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May 27, 2016
Got these a while ago and thought I would pass it on for people who are looking for a pair of workout bluetooth headphones. For the price you can't go wrong with these.

I got these headphones a few months ago and I am pretty impressed. The battery power is outstanding. I always have problems with ear buds staying in when I am working out. These are made for workout and stay in place all the time.

The sound is decent. Again I am more concern with the ear buds staying in place. These do. I have tried others and the sound is terrible so for the price these are good. The battery lasts 8hours and you have call function as well.

For the price these are worth it for a good work out pair of bluetooth headphones. They prove that you can have decent quality and good design without paying an arm and a leg for the product.


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Apr 8, 2010
the Netherlands
I own a Mpow Magneto (different modal) myself since end of 2015 and love the build quality of the earbuds and especially the remote (skipping tracks, changing volume). I have seen cases myself where the remote or earbuds were broken after a few weeks. I must say that my Mpow does have bluetooth connection issues lately with my iDevices (iPhone 5s, iPad mini2 both running 9.3.2). I contacted the company who sold these via Amazon Germany. I bought the devices for around 30 euros including shipping btw (with my own money ;).
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