MR search seems very crippled


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What I can't understand or fathom and this probably goes beyond my understand of how this website works is when I searched all forums for "Aphex Twin" a bunch of threads come up, that is fine. It also highlights the text you searched for red within the thread, thats fine also. However I had to scroll through 9 pages in one thread before I found the first mention of "Aphex Twin" and it ended up not being worthwhile, it was a complete waste of my time. I would think when you do a search it would show a bold instance of the Thread heading, and then in smaller font the first, or all instances of the search item. What is preventing this from happening on MacRumors?

P.S. if this at all is because I don't know of some feature then I apologize fully!


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Feb 22, 2005
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If you find the thread that does contain those words cand go into it you can then click on the "Search This Thread" right above the first post and seach for the same words and it will show you exactly which post contained those words


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Mar 25, 2002
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Feel free to lodge your complaint about vBulletins search capabilities here - - There's not a lot we can do about it, besides, I really don't see your problem. You searched for something, and it found it, how is software supposed to know if the context that it found your query in is going to be of use to you? Fact is it did it's job and found it.


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Sep 18, 2004
You can have the first hundred or so charectars of the post containing your search term shown, rather than just getting a link to the thread.

When you click on "Search", choose "Advanced search" (or go here: ). Enter your terms in the fields. Scroll down the page and click "Show results as: Posts".

This will return each individual post containing the search term (a pain if it is mentioned in 50 different posts in one thread), and a direct link to that post.


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Thanks for the quick and informative responses.

I wasn't refering to the relevance i just meant i had to search through 9 pages to find out it wasn't rather then seeing it after the original search.

Thanks for all the info guys on how to find it. Macrumors has been the most informative, helpful, and friendly website i've ever used, so i was by no means trying to be a jerk. I was just wondering if their was a better way. Thanks again guys!