MS admits Windows 7 will not save PC Market

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by *LTD*, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I don't think I've ever seen a more biased news article then that one in my life.
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    Their take is interesting. They say that people are moving to superior PCs (Apple).

    They seem to correlate Windows sales directly with hardware, which isn't totally the case (moving from inferior PCs to superior PCs). That's talking about hardware, while Microsoft does not compete on a hardware level in the PC market.

    I highly doubt that for every percentage drop in Windows usage you'll see a percentage increase in OS X usage.

    Seems like they are struggling to find something newsworthy here.

    EDIT: According to the article's link, OS X gained 2.05% and Windows lost 3.21% from 7/08 to 5/09, confirming people aren't always moving from Windows to OS X.

    It's also interesting the chart shows iPhone and the iPod Touch too. I know of noone who has ditched Windows to move entirely to an iPod Touch.
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    Sales data also only includes the physical number of new off the shelf comptuers sold, it does not directly compare the number of licences sold by either company that are used either as upgrades, or used in computers that are assembled by the end user.
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    Oh, come now. The retail market for shrinkwrap Windows peaked with Windows 95. The vast majority of Windows customers buy PCs with the OS preinstalled. The computer nerd market is tiny by comparison.
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    I dont know an OS dominating market at 90% need any save.

    MDN is as fake as RD, both are apple educated fanboys. Why even bother read anything from there.

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