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Dec 14, 2014
I have been using Safari on iOS 14 for some time now and I just think that Safari is just horrible for blocking Ads.

I am thinking about installing MS Edge Chromium for iOS.

Is it any good running it on iOS 14?

At least on Edge, you can set to block ads and tracking at the Strict setting mode.

As far as stability, how good or bad is it on iOS?


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May 24, 2018
I use Edge on iOS and macOS, and it works very well. It will also sync across Edge on Windows (except history and open tabs- that is supposedly coming soon).

I've had no issues with stability or any other issues - It's a good browser and I use it as some websites I use do not function well on Safari.
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Oct 30, 2007
Silicon Valley
big fan of Edge in general. MS just keeps making it better and I've pretty much abandoned Chrome on all devices at this point.

biggest issue is though I can't for the life of me to get it to sync anything but History on an iPhone 11 Pro running 14.4, on an older iPhone 6 on iOS 12.x sync works for everything which seems counterintuitive. :)

Can only assume MS or Apple messed up something along the way.
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