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Dec 15, 2010
The syncservcies agent runs at 90% CPU usage and I had to quit it to get my Mac to stop using the fan all the time. Does anyone know what the sync services agent does?

Bending Pixels

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Jul 22, 2010
"It's a feature, not a bug"

It syncs the Outlook calendar, address book, etc. with OS X's iCal, Contacts, etc. If there's a lot of data to sync this could cause the high CPU usage.

That said, IMHO, Microsoft has done a poor job ad addressing some of the issues with Office for Mac (many related to Outlook).


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May 24, 2009
My wife moved from Office 2008 (OS X) to Office 2011 and it has been nothing but problems. As a professional developer I would be ashamed to have my name associated with Office 2011.

Some of the errors are well known (erroneous disk error messages, vanishing menus, etc) and still no fixes from Microsoft.

Luckily for us we had the ability to re-install her version of 2008 Office.
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