MS Office Compatible Apps - Struggling with Choices

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by redman042, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2008
    There are now a decent number of Microsoft Word / Excel compatible apps out there, most have been updated several times, but I'm still struggling with which to buy or whether to bide my time until a fully-polished winner emerges. I appreciate any feedback from folks who've jumped in on any of the mainstream products. My needs:

    Would much prefer that all document formatting remains intact (whether or not I can see or edit it) so that I don't mess up someone's carefully-formatted document by importing it and changing it. This seems to rule out Pages.

    I'd like a polished UI that is not too different from MS products and is not laggy. Pages has the most polished word-processor UI as far as I know, but Numbers is a whacky mess compared to Excel (from what I've heard).

    Needs to work as well as possible with the Bluetooth Keyboard!

    Needs to have a reasonable number of Excel functions and formatting options.

    Ideally would have Dropbox support.

    Ideally would allow a decent number of formatting options including indented lists and numbered lists.

    Now here's the tricky one... I REALLY want Track Changes. Obviously that doesn't exist in any of these. I'm hoping one or more of these publishers are working on it, but would hate to buy one and then have another release the feature but not the one I bought.

    I appreciate any help/ advice. I'd like the most current info on the available packages as they've all had some updates. I realize QuickOffice is on sale, and I'm thinking about it, but I heard it doesn't work well with the keyboard and is laggy overall. Is this true?
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    I'm hoping to get some feedback on your post as well as I just ordered a bluetooth keyboard and I hope to make the best choice for a word processing app. I do have Pages on my Mac, so that may be the best choice, but I'm also interested in good Word compatibility.


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