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Original poster
Feb 27, 2014
At first I was delighted to see that Microsoft Office applications now had TouchBar support. However, I am disappointed to learn that the tools they selected are mostly useless. And, there is no way moderately customize what selections are on Touch Bar. For example, if would have been terrific if the Excel touchbar gave me the opportunity to select and place absolute cell addressing on the TouchBar.

Who picked these selections at Microsoft? They did a really poor job of picking the least valuable tools.

Donald Barar


macrumors 68040
Mar 21, 2014
Not using a TB rMBP but am using the TB via Duet Display, I'd tend to agree with the OP, with two caveats. First, MS just issued an update via the Fast Ring just yesterday and the TB offerings are more effective and easier to use. Second, MS does actively seek feedback about its apps - several of my requests have been implemented in the following build - I use the Windows suite far more often, however, I have noted that my wont for more features in the Mac suite are implemented within days of a request.
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