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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by littleones, Jan 1, 2016.

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    In the fall of 2015 I purchased MS Home and Student for Mac 2016 (which package includes Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word). Eight months ago I purchased my first Apple computer: an iMac (after hassling Windows PCs for years), which is superior in every way to the Windows PCs and software that I previously used. The only word processing program that I use is MS Word, and it is something that I exclusively depend on for my work. Saving documents on my iMac was just fine until recently. Within the past week the following error message appeared when trying to save a document: "Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume." To date, having found little information about this problem on the Internet, coupled with being a novice with Apple computers I felt to reach out to someone who may be able to assist me in resolving this problem. Any recommendations with proven solutions would be gratefully appreciated.
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    1) Where are you attempting to save the document to? Ideally, you are saving to a location within your user account's Documents folder. If you are attempting to save a document outside of your user profile then that could be the issue.

    2) What filename are you trying to save the document as? Some characters are off limits when naming a document. It's never advisable to use characters other than letters, numbers, dashes, underscore, or periods in a filename. Although some OSs will allow other characters, it's a very bad idea to ever do so. On the Mac, you specifically should never use colon ":" or forward slash "/", and should not begin a filename with a period ".".
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    Are you by any chance trying to save to an external drive that you used mainly on a PC? If this is the case (and it sounds like it might very well be), the problem is the drive being NTFS, and not MS-DOS (FAT).

    Macs can read from NTFS drives but not write to them. Macs can read and write MSDOS FAT drives.
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    Hey, so I have been seeing this issue on and off between users where I work. No official fix that I am aware of as of yet. Although a restart of the computer usually gets it back to normal. If you cant save what you are working on copy all the text into a text edit document save it there and then when you restart paste it back into a word doc. for sure this is a work around but it works and gets ppl back to work. Microsoft/Apple need to talk amongst each other and figure it out.

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