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    Jul 19, 2006
    I am having a very weird problem with emailing a Word or Powerpoint file. Randomly (but frequently), the file suffix on my file is either being dropped or changing to something else. Most often, the file loses its suffix and arrives as a unix file. Sometimes (especially with Word), it changes to a .dat file. I have reloaded Office with no effect. It does not seem to matter whether the file is received on a mac or a PC. Incidently - this also happens occassionally when I bluetooth a file to another Mac.

    I'm running Office 2004 (v11.2). I'm using a MacBook Pro - 2 ghz running OS 10.4.7.

    Help - this is killing my ability to confidently send attachments to my client that he can actually read!
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    Check your Mail preferences for the option to format for encoding attachments. There should be an option for "Any Computer", and/or "AppleDouble". See if that helps matters.
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    You need to check the setups of the recipient computers. You need to ensure that *.doc and *.ppt are associated with Word and PowerPoint everywhere, respectively.

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