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    Oct 17, 2006
    does anyone know how I would go about making the section headings in a article I am writing link back to the table of contents? For example when I select a page listed in the table of contents it brings me to that heading like an internet link. I am trying to get the headings to do the same thing, but in reverse so that I can select the heading and it brings me right back to the table of contents.

    Any takers?
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    From the "Help" function:

    Linking to:

    3. A specific location in an Office document

    1. Do one of the following:

    • To link to a location in the active document, click Locate.
    • To link to a location in another Office document, click Select and double-click the document that you want to link to, and then click Locate. The Office document must be in a format that is compatible with your Office program. For example, in Word, you can only create hyperlinks to locations in other Word document

    2. In the list, select the bookmark, heading style, defined name, cell reference, or slide number you want to link to.

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