msn for mac ?


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Jan 21, 2007
Heaven or Hell
msn messenger has voice calling, and i was wondering if you can
sign onto messenger for mac with an email like, ??

do you have to use a hotmail addresse to sign on to messenger ?

i like adium, but msn messenger can do tons of stuff that adium can't !


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Mar 31, 2007
i like adium, but msn messenger can do tons of stuff that adium can't !

What sort of things?
I used to use messenger for mac and it was buggy as hell and crashed at least once every hour. It was fine if you never used it and it sat in the background, but start using it for basic chats and it would die! I don't know how many crash reports I have sent out in a day but it was getting beyond a joke!

I installed Adium and absolutely love it! it is sooo configurable and the only thing that it doesnt have is video chat, which I never used anyway.

So back to my question, what sort of things does msn mac messenger have that adium doesn't? as I thought mac messenger was very very basic compared to its M$ original.


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Aug 30, 2006
The official client supports custom emoticons (as in you can use them yourself, adium only lets you view other peoples) . And it gives you a personal message, apart from that there isn't much that Adium can't do as well.

I used adium because the official client kept crashing, but I tried it again this week as I do every now and again, and strangely it works fine now.

I'm still sticking with Adium though, it takes up much less space on my screen.