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iPhone SE Muffled sound iPhone SE 2020


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Sep 4, 2020
I’ve been having call issues with my iPhone SE 2020 - when I make calls the other callers tell me I sound muffled or if I am very far away from the phone. The issue is intermittent and happens at various locations. I can hear the other person clearly, every time.

I’m on the Vodafone network in the UK.

Attempted solutions so far which have failed:

1. Phone restored from back up
2. A test call at an apple store the issue didn’t arise (typical) Instore diagnostics which found no issue
3 remote diagnostics via “apple care” - no issues found

Apple say they can’t find any issues and the phone would have to be sent off - only problem I need my Phone and can’t just hand it over for days on end.

apple are refusing a refund or replacement - the only alternative on offer is for it to be sent off for “tests”.

Has anyone else/is anyone else having similar call issues with the above model?


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Apr 2, 2019
One thing I've noticed on several iphones that you may want to look at...
There is a noise canceling mic on the back of many of them (not sure if it's on the SE2020 but I'd bet it is, right next to the camera. I have found that if my fingers are covering or even near this mic, my voice will sound EXACTLY as you described. I did some tests with the Xs and found that if I just make sure to hold the phone near the bottom, this never happens.
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